Thursday, 6 August 2015

Retell : The Alchemist's Letter (2015)

One day, a father told his daughter a story. The story was centered on an alchemist who invented a powerful device that could change metal objects to pure gold objects. However, in order for the device to work, the alchemist had to use his own memories.The more powerfully performance of the device, the more memories were to be used.

Upon developing his invention, he abandoned his family. He forgot about his family just for his own happiness and personal gain until his wife met death and his son ran away.\
Several years had passed, a man called Veridian, the alchemist’s son, arrived the old home where he lived with his family when was a child. In there, he discovered an old letter. In this letter, the author of that letter was told about some old stories.

Infact, the writer of that letter was no stranger to him, it was his father, the alchemist. In the letter, The alchemist told about he ever created a magnificent device,and how the device worked. He left the device there for his son because all his memories stored in it. 

In there, the memories about the alchemist’s wife and son assambled. Started by the place where he felt in love with his wife, until his wife’s alone death because the creatures he was becoming. He understood about why his son ran away from him, but actually he was very miss him. He wanted his son looked for him, but until his death, his son never looked for him.

The alchemist knew about his son had had a daughter, his granddaughter. However, He feared his son would abandon his granddaughter like he had done. He was discerned that he was doing at past was wrong.

The rumors of the miraculous device remained only rumors. At the end of a father’s story to his daughter, he gave the daughter a golden watch and told  to her what he wrote in the alchemist’s letter.

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